Friday, April 28, 2017

Studies in Matthew

 New Bible Study Series... starting in the 4th term

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Jesus is an enormous King. He is gracious and merciful. He deserves our full attention; in fact he deserves our very lives. If you are anything like me, you will know these great truths about King Jesus, yet it often doesn’t really have any impact on our lives. 

As we work through this section in the gospel account of Matthew we will be confronted with two things. Firstly we will be confronted with King Jesus and what life in his Kingdom looks like. My prayer for all of us as we work through God’s word together is that we will grow in our knowledge and love of King Jesus. I pray that this knowledge will affect how we live.
Secondly we will be confronted by people who have the wrong view of King Jesus and his Kingdom; therefore they have the wrong response to him and his teachings. I hope that as we work together in God’s word we can see the danger of having a wrong view of King Jesus, that we will repent where needed and make every effort to live for the true King Jesus.

Jesus is not your average king that is concerned with worldly glory. As we are confronted with King Jesus and his Kingdom we should see that his Kingdom and those in it shouldn’t look like the world. As followers of the great King Jesus our focus needs to be on our eternal King and his glorious eternal Kingdom.