Friday, April 28, 2017

Because Faith Without Works is Dead

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Each member of The 12 participates in a team, and each team chooses where they would like to focus their efforts.  Our goal is to have four teams of four (our own 4x4)!  We currently have two:



Team1     Team 1 - Evangelism & Social Action team      
Team2     Team 2 - Welcome & Discipleship
Team3     Team 3 - Children's Ministry 
Team4     Team 4 - We have a vacancy!



The following courses are regularly run in order to equip the congregation for works of service.


Poverty Alleviation

How to help the hurting without hurting them or yourself.  Biblical responses to helping the hurting.

courses run every August


Helping those with Addictions

How to help loved ones who are suffering the consequences of addictions.  

course currently under development


A Blblical Response to Mental Illness

How to address mental illness in light of medical and biblical findings.

Course planned for the future


Managing your Finances

If you are unable to pay bills, or are worried about debt levels, this course is for you!

Vacancy - We are looking for a member to develop and run this course


Join the 12

Is there a ministry you would like to see running at St Stephens?  

To make suggestions or join this ministry email -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Recommended resources and 12 collateral

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Addictions by Ed Welch

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