Friday, April 28, 2017

Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care’s purpose is to witness to the love of Christ and the extension of His Kingdom by trying to help with the material well-being of the St Stephen’s family.  We in the Pastoral Care Ministry endeavour to put into practice our vision for God’s work in our church.

  • VISITING / SOCIALS -  Visiting and socials mainly for Seniors, but any age group may be included. Flowers from Sunday services are distributed to share our love.
  • MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - Items such as crutches, splints, loo seat raisers, wheelchairs, and many such pieces of equipment are available for short-term loan.
  • HARD-TIME HELP - Groceries or vouchers and sometimes meals are distributed to those experiencing hard times.  Assistance could include suggestions for help with budgeting, legal advice, study matters and much more.
  • COLLECTING AND DISTRIBUTING - Stationery, books, Bibles, jam-type spreads, children’s clothes, household items etc are collected and distributed to church affiliated groups or members of the congregation with special needs.
  • GRIEFSHARE - Courses are run to help folk to journey through the loss of a loved one
  • FUNDING - This ministry is self-funded through functions like the selling of pancakes, potjiekos lunches etc, as well as through the generosity of members of the congregation who feel led to make donations or sponsor a particular project.  We have been so blessed.

We thank God for those who pray and support us so that we are able to assist where necessary.

Help us to be a more caring and involved church family - let us know of any needs. (ALL INFO KEPT VERY CONFIDENTIAL)

The committee members are:

Doreen van den Berg, Jenny Lones, Etienne Malan, Christine Dimbleby, Clive Biggs, Elizabeth Came, Marvia Rossouw, Niel Rossouw

Speak to any of the team or contact us at email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.