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Movie Review:Inception



“I can access your mind through your dreams.” Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, The Great Gatsby) coined this mind-boggling phrase in the highly-intense, brain-scrambling film Inception. The 2010 science-fiction film, directed by Christopher Nolan (The Batman Trilogy), starring a remarkable A-List cast, including popular faces such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Premium Rush, Looper), Tom Hardy (This Means War, The Dark Knight Rises) and Ellen Page (Juno). The film is set in a variety of different places, ranging from busy city streets, to a vibrant Upper-African city. However, one wouldn’t go watch the film just to see if their perception of a modern bar is the same as Christopher Nolan’s; one would go and watch it to witness the complexity of theft when performing it under heavy sedation. A group of trained “dream-thieves” take on the difficult task of diminishing an heir’s future corporation, by robbing an idea from his mind. The question, “What on earth are you going on about?” may ponder your mind, but have no fear, as the film itself delves deep into each part of the heist, giving the entire operation a simple breakdown.


The film as a whole is absolutely brilliant, and most definitely enlightens you about dreams. The cinematography is excellent, the cast is beyond outstanding and the storyline is original and mind-blowing. A person would go and watch this film just to question the sanity of the screenwriter as he went through the first stages of the script, because honestly, how do you come up with such a topic [dreams]? The characters blend together like a delicious fruit-smoothie, dishing out cheeky jokes and friendly-mockery in most scenes, giving the film an alternative, light-hearted side.


Although I make this film sound totally confusing, I’m happy to say it is good confusing. The film tests your logical thinking, much like a game of chess, and keeps you thoroughly entertained every minute – you’ll never have time to grab a snack. I do advise you to stay focused, so as to not miss any information, especially the “dream within a dream” scenes! On the Christian side of things, this film really does shine a few Christian aspects... metaphorically. For example, the whole ‘what’s a dream and what’s reality’ war which Dominic Cobb (DiCaprio) faces symbolises the war Christians face in everyday life. Many non-Christians see Christianity as a ‘dream’, as they assume it to be fake and nothing but something of the mind. On the flip side, however, Christians see Christianity as the real world, as a life choice, and how people who choose not to follow God are living in a dream-world, where things do not follow a designated plan, but play things by ear. A great example of this is “Limbo”, a desolate dream world (labelled as an “unconstructed dream space” in the film), which consists of very little and where time ticks by in years rather than in seconds. In terms of Christianity, Limbo can be seen as a life without God, a remote, desolate wasteland where hope is non-existent. In terms of struggles whilst watching the movie, the occasional blasphemous word would slip in, however it is only on the occasions of ultimate peril and where the characters are in a very sticky situation. But all of these ear-hurting terms will be wiped from your brain as you try and unravel the never-ending secrets that lie within Inception. Plus, the film is just too good to not forgive!


Out of 10, I give this movie an 11, but that’s because it is my favourite film of all time – beating high-calibre titles such as Saving Private Ryan, The Dark Knight and Forrest Gump. The film is a must-see and is a brilliant topic of conversation or conversation starter. You’ll be rolling on the floor, clutching your aching ribs as you laugh at each other’s gained knowledge of the movie.


And remember: “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” – Eaves (Inception Character


- Mitchell Christy

Music Review: Toby Mac

Eye on it (2013) ~ Forefront Records

It is going to take something or someone special to change the secular world’s view on Christian music. Someone who keeps up with the times, someone not afraid to turn up the bass and let it drop. Someone who can write lyrics and melodies that not only banish visions of monks who sing Latin in chorus but are able to make it big in the secular music world. Somone who can carry the Gospel to the youth and adults alike. Someone who can blaze a trail for others to follow.

And yet this person should be humble. Grounded in the bible and prepared to give it all up for God. His/her lyrics should tell of God’s great grace and not comprimise the gospel message for the sake of cool sounding music or fame and suitability for the big secular radio stations.

Toby Mac could be this man. To find an artist who can consistently create great music is good chance. To find an artist who can create songs that can make it to the top of the charts is a rarity. To find an artist who fills those categorys and is still humble and thankful is almost impossible. But to find an artist who fills that all and follows Jesus! That is truely a miracle!

Toby Mac (born Kevin Michael McKeehan) first rose to fame as the lead singer/rapper of the christian band DC Talk. Since then he has begun a solo career which has seen him mature and grow as an artist and a Christian. To date he has realesed five albums: Momentum (2001) Diverese City (2004) Portable Sounds (2007) Tonight (2010) and his latest album Eye on it (2013).

Eye on it is an album that looks at running the race that God has set for us (Hebrews 12:1) as well as our relationship with God and his importance in our life. The albums first song Me without you looks at the importance of God in our lives.

“Dont know where I would be without you,

I’d be packing my backs when I need to stay/ chasing every dream that comes my way

Building my kingdom just to watch it fade away.”

The song went No. 1 on the Secular magazine Billboard’s top 200. The first Christian track to reach the spot since 1997. My personal favourite is the song: steal my show , a very personal song, where Toby Mac looks at how he could not be where he is without God and that every show he does needs to be about God and is a prayer to God to steal his show. His songs: Eye on it, Speak life, Favourite song and Unstoppable all look at the Christian life and how we are called to be different to the world because of Christ:

“Not of this world so we live on the run/ we keep our eyes on what is to come” – Unstoppable

This album is spiced with celebrity guest appearances. Forgiveness, a song which describes how we all need forgiveness regardless of how good you think you are, includes a piece by Lecrae. Unstoppable includes Blanca and Group1 crew. Mac daddy feature Toby Mac’s son Truett (trudog) and Favourite song features Jamie Grace.

Other songs include:

Family- a song about togetherness and the conflict in a family

Made for me – a fun upbeat love song about Toby Mac and his wife and when they first met.

Lose myself and Thankful – two songs which reflect this artist’s humility.

The album is well worth getting. The CD costs R108.95 on Kalahari and R70 The variation in the songs style and genre means that even if some songs are not quite your style the rest are still sure to be favourites. Congrats to Toby Mac on another brilliant album!

“It’s never been my dream to see my face on magazines/It’s always been about the music praying God would use it to set some people free” – tobyMac in “Thankful for you”

- Tim Gertzen

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