Friday, April 28, 2017


#KICKSTART is an option for any Grade 7-9 learners and takes place during our 9:30am service at St Stephens. Our programme is interactive and chilled and contains good solid Bible teaching.

Our aims are to reach, prepare and grow:

  • We want to reach the teens that don’t always make it on Friday nights with our teens who do with the hope that when relationships are formed we will have new faces on Friday nights.
  • We want to prepare our teens for church and the longer Bible talks which take place. We don’t want to lose them because they feel overwhelmed or out of place at church.
  • Finally we want to see people grow. We want our teens to grow in the love of Jesus and we want our leaders to grow in their handling of the Bible. #KICKSTART offers opportunities to our students and SCULPT/CROWDED HOUSE leaders to grow their Bible handling abilities in a less intense environment.


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